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PostSubject: ALL ABT CDMA   Wed Aug 08, 2007 11:58 pm

all about cdma software part -2

hi friend here r some usefull infomation about cdma here is 1st part all about cdma software

hi 2 all
many of my friend ask 4 cdma doungle that support all cdma software but in cdma model is veary easy 2 flash and esn and spc or parameter write here is detail 4 mostly cdma works in india
LG: in lg model 1st we need LG dounload and unicdma098 and spc writer and some useful software like ssb and ssd writer
( all this software r awalabile in fourm)

NOKIA: in nokia we need any flasher like ufs 3 or jaaf griffin or ub and phoniex and diego
all most nokia have 2 opation 2 run (ruim and nonruim) RUIM need uim sim card 2 run and nonruim dosent need so if have 2 run uim card like rim or tata u have 2 flash with ruim flash file (always ruim flash file version strat 4rm address 190 and nonruim flash file start 4rn 100 these addres mostlylike this) and only 3105 and 2280 need pm or tun file 4 network but tun file is best u can write tun file 4rm phoniex 2004 and2005
and 2 open user lock u have 2 use pm file start add 35 or use ufs3 just click on pmedit and read lock code
if u have make ui setting 4rm ufs cdma phone show searching network in this problem u have 2 write prl 4rm diego but u will newer get the current no which is running in phone u have 2 send the coustmer servis center
MOTOROLA: 4 moto phone like v3x we need pst lite and rsd sorry 4 not information
SAMSAUNG: u need pst and 2 write esn u need mshpl unlocker and code for 2 run progan in software thanks will be counteuied..... 2nd
2second part is about 2 convert network if u have a cdma phone like nokia lg samsaung and motorola here we discuss about it
1st we start 4rm nokia in nokia ruim phones dosenot need any thing 2 run another provider just u ccan use any ruim sim card ofindia like tata and rim but u transfar another network which only works in non ruim handset (like in india garuda ) u have 2 make 1st phone into ruim 4 nonruim we need 2 flash phone nonruim file with any nokia flasher after that u have 2 write a PRL file (prefeed romaing list) 4rm phoniex or diego after that u have 2 write phone setting of that same provider but this is not so inportant if u r making a phone into same provider like rim ruim 2 nonruim u need phone setting 2 activate a new number if u dont write phone setting when u call on *228 its show on display costemer soulation we need when we call *228 its show progaming in progress but u r making nokia hand set 2 another network like garuda u need 2 just write prl and give the esn no 2 network exchange 2 activate the phone but remember 2 make a spc 000000 u can read spc by ufs3 or phonix and u can change manauly by *3001#12345# to be countinued by same topic in lg handset
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PostSubject: Re: ALL ABT CDMA   Thu Aug 09, 2007 2:40 am

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